At Comfort Inn Sunset, We have facility of Spa for our guests to maintain health and stay beautiful, some of the health benefits of Spa include improved blood circulation, muscle relaxation, weight loss, and rejuvenate.

Health Club

At Comfort Inn Sunset, we want to ensure that our guests are not compromising with their lifestyle. Whether you Gym to reduce Stress and maintain physic. At our Health club, We have facility of Trade Meal, Multi-Gym and other facilities for our guest to stay fit and maintain physical and mental fitness.


Liquor Shop

Reference to the above mentioned subject, we are pleased to inform you that the hotel has started a Liquor Shop in 1st basement of hotel building from today onwards and it will be operational from 12:00 hours to 19:30 hours on all working days. Hotel has started selling the products to guests as per state & central govt. policy.