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Nearby Attractions and localities

When you are staying at Comfort Inn Sunset, whether you are with your family or you may be travelling, there will be always activities nearby. It could be Movie night out, Shopping , or visiting Zoo with Children, Accommodation in Ahmedabad at Hotel Comfort Inn Sunset will be convenient to reach all well-known attractions . For more information regarding stay in Ahmedabad near airport, please contact us. Following are are the list of places to visit.


Calico Museum of textile

Managed by Sarabhai Foundation , One of most popular tourist Place as historical destination, calico museum is on top in formidable list of textile museums. It is a symbol of historic handi-craftsman of textile industry.Some of the features of Calico Museum are varied fabrics collections, the bridge built on lily pond,and spacious lawns available.

Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad was  home of Mahatma Gandhi and now it has a Musuem in it. Here, you can find scripts written by Gandhi. There is a painting gallery depicting Gandhi performing various chores and activities. Sabarmati Ashram includes Hriday Kunj, Magan Niwas and Upasana mandir. Ashram collects, preserves, and displays archival Materials like voice recordings, paintings, scripts and so on.

Sabarmati Ashrama
Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden

Kankaria Lake and Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden

Kankaria lake is the largest lake in state of Gujarat.There are plenty of informal entertainments and food stalls around Kankaria lake. Located near Kankaria Lake, Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden is a most popular attraction in Ahmedabad. If you think your  family will be waiting for a flight a day or two,  or your flight from Ahmedabad is delayed ?  Well, How about your family can see some of the endangered species of Birds, and Animals at Kamla Nehru Zoohological Garden, and have some rest at ComfortINN Hotel before boarding a flight.

Movie Theatres and Shopping Centres

CG Road marketplace in Ahmedabad is best place for shopping due to variety of goods, products and brands you can purchase, whether its imported or locally made. And while shopping, if want to watch recently released movie, then there are options available. There are several Saree(Indian traditional attire) and Boutique shops at CG Road marketplace selling different varieties.

CG Road Marketplace
Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple

Beautiful Gardens with flower plants, Spectacular Shows, and historic Architecture makes Akshardham temple, a destination in Ahmedabad not be missed. Place is well known for exhibitions, Audio Animatronics Show and Monuments. There are 64 large sculptures, depicting spiritual meanings and 200 god and godesses galleries on pillars. Nearly 6000 tonnes of pink stones are used for building Akshardham Temple, known as an architectural marvel.